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Siege And Storm: The Grisha Sequel

Siege & Storm

After I finished the first book of Grisha trilogy, Shadow and Bone (See the Review), I was eager enough to start reading the second book of the installment – Siege and Storm. Since my expectations were high, the book did deliver as well as it didn’t.


After Alina manages to escape from Darkling, she and Mal try to live on the edge of the world, hidden and anonymous. Just as they get use to the life of runaways, Darkling manages to find and capture them. Soon enough, Alina finds out why she is captured. Darkling wishes to get her second amplifier while every Grisha is allowed to have only one. After many battles and one major treason, Alina and Mal manage to escape from Darkling. But now,  they are stuck with pirates and with their mysterious captain.


The world Alina discovers in the second book is wildly diverse. She and her companions travel a lot. They get in many misfortunes, which allow them to meet new and intriguing characters, one of them being my favorite – Nikolai, the young prince (aka the mysterious captain). While the whole Grisha world is in panic, Alina has to put her foot forward and unite them all.

Alina’s character is nicely written. She is questioning everything around her and I have read many reviews which hold that against her. Only, isn’t it logical that she is extremely careful, considering that the future of the land lies upon her hands? I think it is. I adore that about her, the perceptiveness. Also, Mal changes a lot in this book. He goes from a good guy to the somewhat-bad-tortured guy when he realizes just how powerful Alina is now. Prince Nikolai? Let’s just say – the manifestation of charm.


Bardugo’s writing is terribly improved in this book. The tension keeps on rising and you will be turning those pages – one after the other.
However, I do feel like some important scenes were too rushed, too short and undeveloped. I also suspect that is the case because of the third book in series. I liked how the character of Mal developed, it was unexpected but really logical once you think about it. Then again, while the author leaves traces of possible romance between Nikolai and Alina, I would say that did seem a bit unnatural and way too forced.

When you sum up everything, the Siege and Storm had a lot more adventures, action and even some brutal scenes, while preserving Alina’s introspective narrator. The book maybe didn’t blow me away, but it sure did keep me turning those pages. Looking forward to reviewing the last book – Ruin and Rising!

Have you read the Grisha trilogy yet?




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    That sounds like an awesome series. I would love to read these books. They sound fantastic.

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    It sounds like a good read, but not in bed (I get scared easily lol). Thanks for your honest review. I appreciate it.

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    This sounds like a great read. I’m not surprised that you might feel the characters are underdeveloped if you didn’t read the first two books. That’s the one downfall of a series, in my opinion.

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    Alina sounds like an intriguing character, I’d love to read these stories! The quotes you pulled out really make me want to hear more.

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    You just reminded me that I need to get back to my reading regimen! Thanks for introducing me to the series!

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    Oh my! I have to read this! I tell my daughter all the time, the less you say, the more weight your words have. I love it!

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    I think these are really a great book. I am not really a fan of fictional book, but I think the plot of book is really interesting.

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    I haven’t heard this book yet, but I like the way you review it. I’m a book lover I’d like to check this out.

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    I will include these books in my list of must-haves. I am building a reading list for 2016 and I would love to have Siege and Storm included in that list.

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    I haven’t read it yet. Looks like an interesting read. I have to ask my bookworm husband too if he has read it. He’s always looking for new books to read.

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    These sounds like interesting books indeed and quotes as well. I would love to check these books out and share them with my sister. Thanks for the reviews.

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    This would be a great series to read. I am looking for a new book to start.

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    My husband would love this series. It’s fantasy and there’s action mixed in which is right up his alley. This series would be a great Christmas gift.

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    Thanks for sharing about this book. I used to read all the time, something I loved doing. This years resolutions is to start reading more. I will have to check this book out.

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    I don’t usually enjoy fantasy novels, but this books looks kind of interesting! This quote, “For the living and the dead, she would make herself a reckoning. She would rise.” is powerful.

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    This sounds like an interesting series. I’m working on my reading list for next sure so I’ll have to add it onto there.

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    You know it’s good reading when you want to delve right into a new one when you’re done. 🙂 Sounds good to me!

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    Thanks for the book review. This sound like a book my friend would like. Great gift idea!

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