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ALTEREA’s team will carefully read your book, find everything that makes it special and write engaging review. Your book will be featured on our website and presented to many potential readers.

When you submit a book for review, our dedicated reviewer will carefully read it and make sure that every important part of the book is highlighted. All of your most significant ideas will be described in engaging manner.

After writing the review for your book, the reviewer gives his overall impression. We don’t rate books with numbers, but with impressions your book left on us. Reviewer will state if he loved the book, if it was interesting or not and would he recommend it or not. We review books with feelings, not with numbers.

When we have the completed review, you will be notified about the overall impression. You’ll also get the complete book review to read. The review shall be published on our website and across our social media channels, where we have many engaging readers and potential book buyers.


We always review books honestly. The integrity of our reviews is crucial to us. We have built a beautiful community with passionate readers because they trust us to review books with sincerity.

Book Reviews Promotion The Alterion

+ As of recently, if you pick our PREMIUM plan, you will also be featured in a special “Meet the Author” interview/article.

+ Sounds amazing, right? We have one more surprise for you. ALTEREA’s team will create and host a giveaway of your book!

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