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Beautiful Journals

12 Most Beautiful Journals

12 Most Beautiful Journals

If you’ve ever thought that keeping a journal might not be your thing, you may want to reconsider it again. A journal can be your faithful companion, always there whenever you feel overburden by your thoughts, when you wish to write something down. It can also be a great way to track your reading or studying progress.

Journaling can even improve your creativity, whether you are an aspiring writer or an artist looking for a place for your sketches. Many famous creatives have expressed just how much keeping a journal means to them, and why everyone should have a journal.

If you’re still not inspired with the idea of journaling, well, then you should definitely check our our selection of the most beautiful journals there are. We bet their gorgeousness will make you change your minds.

Owl Embossed Journal

Beautifully engraved and embossed Owl Journal certainly has a vintage feel to it. The style of the antique leather makes this journal a gorgeous notebook for your writing, thoughts, or even photos.

Journal’s size makes it easy to transport, which is perfect if you like to have your journal always nearby

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  Royal Peacocks Journal

Beautiful Journal Noxwrite Review

It must be almost impossible not to be inspired by Punch Studio’s Royal Peacocks journal. The beautiful finish of its covers hides 100 colorful and illustrated pages.

It can fit in your bag, so you may carry it wherever you go. This journal also has a magnetic closure.

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 Versailles Journal

Beautiful Journal Noxwrite Review

This gorgeous journal by Peter Pauper Press was actually inspired by a book owned by Antoine Leriche, secretary to King Louis XIV of France. It has more than enough pages for you to use it as a space for personal reflection, sketching, or jotting down quotations or poems.

The endings of 194 pages are gold-gilded, and the cover’s gold foil detailing illuminates the entire design. Now, talking about royal journaling!

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Celtic Leather Journal

Nothing like a design inspired by Celtic culture to bring a bit of mystery to your writing. This vintage, embossed journal can be used as personal diary, scrapbook, and even as a photo album.

Handcrafted from eco-friendly leather and absolutely refillable, the Celtic journal is one unique companion, especially for writers, readers, and other creatives.

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Magic Book Journal

If you ever wanted to have a journal that looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale, then this is the journal for you. With its unique design and lovely silver finish, the Magic Book journal really appears to be magical.

The journal has 256 pages, which makes it great as a daily diary, travel journal or a sketchbook.

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Azure Equinoxe Journal

This gorgeously mysterious journal gives an impression like ancient Kings and Queens used to write their thoughts in it. Azure journal has 240 acid-free pages and the binder board is made with 100% recycled paper.

Inside you will also find a spacious memento pouch that provides a haven for all those loose papers or spells collected along the way. The ribbon marker will help you to find where you left off.

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Smythe Sewn Journal

The royal red color of this journal is matched with metallic foiling, and it indeed looks like a match from heaven. The Paperblanks journal has a memento pouch in it, so you can safely put your notes inside.

The paper is made from sustainable forest pulp and wrapped in carefully designed covers, made of faux leather.

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Antique Bronze Journal

The Antique Journal, with its bronze hard covers and artistic relief pattern, will give you nothing more than a true sense of nobleness. It has amazing 416 pages and every one of them is made of high quality, beige glazed printing paper.

This journal can make an incredible gift, an elegant writing companion or your gorgeous diary.

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Royal Vintage Journal

Royal Vintage Journal sure looks like a beautiful classic book, placed in a museum for safekeeping. It has shiny embossed pattern, which comes in a different design and even 5 different colors.

The pages, all 324 of them, are made of top quality printing paper. You can use this journal for anything, and be sure to have one of the most elegant diaries there is.

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 Celtic Black Journal

There’s nothing like the color black to add a note of exclusivity and mystery. Celtic Black Journal by Oberon Design is made from premium domestic leather, which has been drum dyed to achieve a rich color.

This journal has 208 pages and it’s a perfect elegant companion for your poetry, writing, or sketches. Its handcrafted design is truly inspiring and created to last a lifetime.

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Grolier Grande Journal

Grolier Journal certainly looks grandiose with its hardcovers and magnificent bronze embroidery. It has two metal clasp closures on the side, which fits perfectly its antique aesthetics.

This journal is unlined, with 240 pages made of high quality paper. It even has a secret memento pouch that can be used for keeping your secrets, photos and important notes safe and sound.

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Aubergine Journal

Aubergine Notebook Journal has astonishing silvered details that invoke true nature of beauty. The binding is enhanced with foliage-ornaments and clasps. The cover has a gilded and polished motif, which really brings out the uniqueness of this journal.

It has 240 pages and it’s easy to carry in a bag. If you ever wished to have something that is a moving testament to the human drive to ornament and to delight the eye, then this might be the journal for you.

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    Wow these are so fancy! I love picking out new journals but the store never has a selection like these.

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    These journals are so beautiful. I would love to get the one with the owl on it. These would make great gifts. I find writing in a journal so relaxing.

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    For someone who is in love with journals, all are very beautiful and lovely. The owl i the best for me.

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    Goodness gracious, I didn’t realize there were so many gorgeous journals out there. It would make journaling a lot more fun.

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    I don’t keep a diary, but I do love these journals that you’ve featured. They’re so beautiful, especially the Owl Embossed Journal.

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    Aubergine Journal is so perfect for me! I absolutely love it – but all of these picks are so beautifully done

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    Wow! Those journals are so unique and beautiful. I’ve never seen them until now. I would definitely love to have one!

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    I fell in love with all of it. But I don’t think I will be able to use it because they are so beautiful.

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    The celtic one is amazing. I’ve been considering journaling again and that is just what I need to make it happen.

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    The peacock design and the antique bronze cover looked the most enticing for my liking. I don’t keep a hard copy of the journal since I prefer writing on an electronic version that I can refer to online. 🙂


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