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sky in the deep book review

Viking Fantasy Tale: Sky In The Deep

Sky In The Deep by Adrienne Young Can two warring tribes put aside their mutual hatred, differences, and unite in order to defeat greater enemy? Sky In The Deep by Adrienne Young explores the most important human categories like: hatred, survival, family, betrayal, love; while at the same time giving us thrilling fantasy. STORY Seventeen-year-old […]


A Burning In The Darkness: Spiritual Thriller Mystery

A Burning in the Darkness by A.P. McGrath A Burning in the Darkness by A.P. McGrath is a mix of crime, mystery, romance, and spiritual fiction that features an intelligent plot and a cast of life-like characters. Honestly, as a reader of mystery novels, what more could I ask for? Let us see my book […]

Dead Again: Murder Mystery

Dead Again by Susan Lynn Solomon People are creatures of puzzles and riddles. That is the only way I can explain my secretive, yet undeniable attraction towards articles on unsolved murders, as well as the fiction books exploring such ‘cold cases’. That’s also the reason why I’ve picked up Dead Again by Susan Lynn Solomon. […]

Arrival: Detective & Alien World

Arrival by Alex Slade I must admit I was quite intrigued by this book before I’d even picked it up. While I hadn’t read anything from Alex Slade before Arrival, the intriguing genre blend of science fiction and crime fiction appealed to me as much as its gorgeously designed book cover. STORY The first character […]

Devil’s Prayer: History of The Devil

The Devil’s Prayer by Luke Gracias The Devil’s Prayer by Luke Gracias is a historical thriller that will make you read it in one breath. It combines series of nested stories which follow two generations of one young woman’s family. Immediately after I’ve read the story description, I just knew that it was a book […]